Considerations When Choosing A Medical Centre

Considerations When Choosing A Medical Centre

Considerations When Choosing A Medical Centre

21 March 2022
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Medical centres are your first stop when you fall ill. A general practitioner (GP) treats you at the facility and assesses your condition to determine if you need specialised medical interventions. Your choice of medical centre plays a significant role in how your illness is managed. So how do you choose a medical centre? Below are some valuable insights. 

Location Of The Medical Centre

Accessibility is a critical factor when choosing a medical centre. There are two ways to assess the centre's accessibility. First, check its proximity from your home or daily operating routes. Remember, an emergency could occur, prompting you to seek medical services immediately. Secondly, accessibility could be in regard to how easy it is to get to the medical centre. In this case, you would be examining factors such as traffic jams and the availability of parking spaces. Disabled individuals or those with mobility issues could prefer a medical centre with ramps and dedicated elevators to ensure easy access to the premises.   

Services Offered

When choosing a medical centre, the general rule is to consider facilities that offer comprehensive services. For instance, besides general consultation and prescribing medication, the medical centre should have specialised equipment to conduct medical tests such as biopsy, kidney and thyroid function tests, MRI, X-ray, pap smear, toxicology, genetic screening and skin tests. These tests are essential since they help the GP conduct an accurate diagnosis. Besides, they eliminate the need for a referral to specialised facilities, which might not be available in your locality. 

Available GPs

GPs are the first people you interact with in the healthcare system. Therefore, they should have excellent interpersonal skills to make you comfortable during consultation. Furthermore, the GPs should create rapport with their clients. For instance, some GPs utilise telemedicine to keep in touch with their clients. It helps reduce their visits to the medical centre. In some cases, cultural, personal and religious belief systems could compel you to work with medical professionals of your gender. If this is the case, assess whether the medical centre has skilled GPs of your gender.  


Check the centre's price list to establish if you can afford the medical services. If you have inadequate funds, you may want to consider facilities that offer bulk-billing services. Simply put, the facility treats you and charges your health insurance provider. Some medical centres provide free or discounted services to vulnerable groups. Therefore, it would be worthwhile checking if you qualify for these services. 

When looking for a medical centre, assess its location, the available services, its GPs and the pricing. 

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