Some simple self-care tips to help cope with stress

Some simple self-care tips to help cope with stress

Some simple self-care tips to help cope with stress

25 January 2023
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Self-care is a vital part of wellness. It has never been more important to take time out from the stresses of everyday life and look after your own mental health. Here are some tips to keep yourself functioning at your best.


You don't need to hit the gym every time you get stressed. Just small amounts of exercise can work wonders. A quick ten-minute walk can soothe your mind, especially if you can get into a park or some other natural environment. Otherwise, just try a few star jumps or sit-ups. Physical activity of any sort can help defuse your stress response and leave you ready to face the world again.

Be with friends

Everyone needs social contact. Modern life can sometimes shut people away from each other and only communicate through social media. In fact, real-life face-to-face contact with friends is much better for you. Meeting up with people who like and support you will vastly improve your mood and your energy levels and will help you to see things in perspective.

Switch off the screens

Sometimes it seems that people spend their whole lives in front of a screen. Whatever time you have, there will be online news to fill it. "Doomscrolling", or constantly depressing yourself with news feeds, is a very easy habit to fall into—and a self-destructive one. Taking regular time away from your phone and laptop will help you to keep a positive outlook and cope better with life's stresses.

Don't put yourself down

Everyone has an internal monologue. Unfortunately, this inner voice often seems to do nothing but criticise. If you hear a negative commentary on yourself all day, it will have an effect on your ability to cope. Turn this voice into your friend—focus on your achievements and good points, and use the inner monologue to talk yourself up.

Take deep breaths

Sometimes, all you need to do to get rid of stress is breathe. Just lean back and take a few deep breaths, in and out. Close your eyes and try to keep your mind blank. Consciously try to relax and be aware of your body. Only a minute or two of this can completely transform your outlook.

Simple actions like this can make all the difference between being stressed and feeling calm and energised. Make self-care part of your wellness programme and your mental and physical health will benefit. 

For more info about wellness, contact a local professional. 

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