When Dentures Disappear: How Quickly Can You Get New Dentures After Losing the Old Ones?

When Dentures Disappear: How Quickly Can You Get New Dentures After Losing the Old Ones?

When Dentures Disappear: How Quickly Can You Get New Dentures After Losing the Old Ones?

20 October 2017
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Losing your dentures is no laughing matter. Not only does your appearance suffer, but if your dentures replaced most or all of your teeth, then even eating and speaking will become a chore. If you are unable to find your lost dentures, then the only alternative you have is to replace them as quickly as possible so you can get on with your life.

However, when you work with the public or have an important social function coming up, you may need to replace your dentures in a day. But is that possible?

The Shorter the Time, the Lower the Quality

It is possible to replace your dentures in 24 hours, however, don't expect the quality to be anything like your last set. If your denture was a partial that replaced only 1 or a few teeth, you have more options than someone who has lost a full denture. For instance, a dentist could arrange for you to wear an Essix retainer with a false tooth while you wait for your new partial to be created. This would allow your dentist the 2–3 weeks necessary to fashion a new denture.

However, if you have lost your full dentures, then your only realistic option is to replace them with another set. Fortunately, there are clinics that specialize in dentures. These clinics can create a set of dentures in 24 hours, but you will pay more and the quality in terms of fit and appearance won't be like your former set.

Two to Three Weeks for High Quality Full Dentures

Creating a set of good quality dentures requires time. Impressions of your gums and teeth have to be taken, measurements need to be carried out to get the dimensions right and the colour of any remaining teeth needs to be taken into account. And that's just the beginning. The technicians that create your dentures then need to work with those specifics to create a comfy and attractive set of dentures.

Generally, 2–3 weeks is required to make a set of good quality dentures. You also need to go in for a second fitting to ensure that your dentures fit. In the event that you can't wait that long, your dentist may be able to create a temporary set of dentures or refer you to a clinic that can. However, as mentioned earlier, they will not fit or look anything like your former set.

If your dentures replaced only one or two teeth, ask your dentist about wearing an Essix retainer or dental bridge while your new partial is made. However, if yours was a full denture, you may have to make do with a poorer quality denture if time is of the essence. Check out websites like http://www.dentalsmile.com.au to learn more.

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