Melanoma - Learn To Spot the Signs of Potential Risk

Melanoma - Learn To Spot the Signs of Potential Risk

Melanoma - Learn To Spot the Signs of Potential Risk

13 November 2017
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All forms of skin cancer pose a serious risk to your health, but undoubtedly, melanoma is one of the more deadly types that you could develop. One of the reasons why melanomas are so dangerous is because they typically are not easy to detect. A good number of people tend to mistake them for being your run of the mill mole and ignoring them, which gives the cancer ample time to spread. Therefore, it is critical for everyone to know how to spot the signs and symptoms of a melanoma so that they can seek medical attention promptly. So what do you need to know to determine if you are at risk of melanoma?

Red lumps on your skin

When your body starts to grow squamous cell carcinomas, you will notice the development of red patches on your skin. These red patches will have a scaly appearance to them that is rough to the touch. It is important not to ignore these lesions, mainly if they are unexplainable, as they could be indicative of early-onset melanoma. Red lumps are a typically a symptom of some allergic reactions, but if the lesions have not cleared in a few days, it would be best to seek skin cancer testing from your local dermatologist.

Craters on your skin

In some cases, melanoma may present itself as crater-like deformities on the surface of the skin. These open pimples may resemble miniature volcanoes that have a centre tinged with blood. Do not make the presumption that you possibly were poked by something too hard and broke the skin. Some people may even mistake it for a mozzie bite that has been scratched excessively. If the edges of the crater keep expanding and the centre is not healing, it is likely that you are at risk of melanoma and would be best to seek medical advice at your earliest convenience.

Sores on your skin

Another worrying symptom that should have you get your skin tested for melanoma is sores emerging on your skin. Unfortunately, a mistake people make is noticing a scabbed over lesion on their skin and assume they merely bumped their skin and did not notice. It should also be noted that some of these sores might bear a close resemblance to sunburn. To differentiate the abscesses from regular injuries, take note of whether it heals or if it keeps coming open. A sore that is not healing should be looked at dermatologist as soon as possible. 

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