How to keep track of your expenses when receiving home care

How to keep track of your expenses when receiving home care

How to keep track of your expenses when receiving home care

24 April 2018
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More patients are enjoying the flexibility of receiving high quality care from the comfort of their homes. From patients with short-term illnesses to seniors who require long term care, extended hospital stays are slowly being replaced with more comprehensive care provision right within the home.

As home health care continues to rise, patients are faced with the challenge of managing their healthcare costs with greater efficiency. It is no secret that keeping track of your costs and payments can get quiet complicated and result in confusion or improper billing.

It is therefore important for you as a patient to implement an effective cost-management plan that will enable you to keep track of your healthcare expenses and avoid any confusions when being billed for your home care costs.

Defining a cost management plan

Simply put, a cost management plan refers to a collection of processes that you can put in place to keep track of your expenses and to stay up to date with your healthcare bills. As opposed to other expenses that you may incur, health care billing tends to be more complicated. It often involves working with insurance companies, individual wellness centres, and governmental organisations such as Medicare.

Keeping track of all these different entities when determining your costs can be challenging if you're not adequately prepared. A cost management plan can be as simple as preparing a spreadsheet where you monitor and record all the expenses that you incur. You can also record the portions your insurance company or Medicare pays for to ensure that you're prepared for any out-of-pocket expenses.

Why is it important to have a cost management plan?

Home care involves a more complicated billing process from start to finish and makes it even more important for you to remain on top of things when it comes to managing costs. The benefits of a cost management plan include:

Remaining current with your bills

Home care often involves a wider range of services, and keeping track of all these while remaining current with your bills can be challenging. With a cost plan, you or a loved one can immediately record each service that you were billed for soon after you receive it. In this way, you will be able to avoid unexpected bills that can interfere with your budget.

Cost savings

When you keep track of your home healthcare expenses, you can follow up on your insurance policy and determine how well they are helping you manage the cost. You may find out that you need a better insurance policy or a different company that costs much less than what you're paying now for your home healthcare.

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