Different Forms of Physio Your Health Service Provider May Offer

Different Forms of Physio Your Health Service Provider May Offer

Different Forms of Physio Your Health Service Provider May Offer

29 May 2018
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People typically associate massage therapy with rest and relaxation, but this is not its sole purpose. Physiotherapy is one branch of this treatment that focusses on wellness and treating physical ailments that the patient is suffering from. Since physiotherapy does encompass a wide range of medical problems, it is critical for you to have the treatment customised to the patient's needs. The can only be done by through an extensive checkup by a medical professional to discern what is ailing the patient and then prescribe the best form of physiotherapy to suit the patient's specific diagnosis. So what are the different kinds of physio that your health service provider may offer?

Orthopaedic physiotherapy

This type of physio is what most people are familiar with as it is the most common option individuals seek when they acquire an injury. Orthopaedic physiotherapy targets the musculoskeletal system, s it is a staple treatment for athletes and individuals who routinely engage in strenuous activities. The physiotherapist will engage in techniques that work to boost blood flow so that muscular tension is reduced. Furthermore, the treatment also entails strength exercises to restore mobility and flexibility to the musculoskeletal system.

Neurological physiotherapy

This form of physio focusses on relieving the symptoms that come about due to the development of brain disorders. For example, neurological illnesses such as Parkinson's disease can result in muscular dystrophy. A physiotherapist will provide treatment that helps to improve the patient's motor skills while also concentrating on strength training to restore mobility. Neurological physiotherapy may also include cognitive exercises in the prescribed treatment plan if the patient requires this too.

Respiratory physiotherapy

What may astonish you about physio is that is can be successfully used to treat problems associated with the respiratory system. Through targeted manipulations, the therapist can help minimise secretions in your chest that cause a host of symptoms ranging from breathlessness to recurrent chest pain. In addition to this, respiratory physiotherapy is also renowned for improving the breathing patterns of patients, which results in better stamina when engaging in physically exerting activities.

Paediatric physiotherapy

While some congenital disabilities are unavoidable due to genetic inclination, this does not mean there aren't any ways to manage them conditions such as spina bifida as well as cerebral palsy may not have a cure, but the symptoms can be improved upon through paediatric physiotherapy. With regular sessions, the therapist could enhance your child's motor skills and develop their overall sense of mobility.

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