Important Things to Note About Back Pain

Important Things to Note About Back Pain

Important Things to Note About Back Pain

11 February 2019
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Many individuals frequently diagnose their back pain basing it on experience. They end up treating it with over-the-counter medicine and rest. In most scenarios, back pains treated in this manner eventually heal or the sufferer gets relief. You should, however, know when to seek professional help. If you have severe and persistent back pain, fever, pain progressively moving from your back to legs, the presence of lumps or a lump, numbness, pain that does not subside or even pain that does not let you sleep, seek the services of a competent chiropractor.

How Your Chiropractor Diagnosis Your Back Pain

You will first have a sit down with your practitioner where you will discuss what you are feeling. You will be required to tell him or her when the pain began; whether there was an injury, for how long you have had the pain and what remedies you have tried if any. The doctor may also have questions to guide you the consultation, and they may entail what is mentioned above. He or she may also ask when your back hurts more; when doing which activity. A family, social, medical or even surgical history may be requested.

After the doctor is satisfied with the answers, a physical exam may be carried out where you will be required to lie on your stomach. The doctor may also ask a few questions related to does it hurt when he or she does this and that? Depending on the severity of your pain, X-rays, lab tests, EMGs (Electromyography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)/CT (computed tomography) scans may be needed.


Treatment is dependent on the severity of your condition and what test results indicate. In most cases, back pains are usually minor and require some medication, exercise and rest.

If pain does not go away (classified as a moderate strain), the practitioner's next step is to try some nonsurgical procedures like compressions, ice packs and rest. He or she may also try some pain and spasm reduction techniques. Some forms of exercises may be recommended. Good to note is that you should not attempt any exercises before an experienced practitioner gives the go-ahead as you may end up further damaging your back.

For some patients, physical therapy is required to facilitate healing.

If you happen to have a severe back injury, surgery may be your only choice, but the tests your doctor performs will give the verdict. For more information on back pain treatment, contact your local medical office today for an appointment. 

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