Four Reasons a Retirement Community Gives You More Than a Retirement Village

Four Reasons a Retirement Community Gives You More Than a Retirement Village

Four Reasons a Retirement Community Gives You More Than a Retirement Village

28 May 2019
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You may believe that retirement means giving up freedom and control regarding your living arrangements. Or you may think that all retirement villages and communities are the same. But there can be some key differences between a retirement village and the more freedom-orientated nature of a retirement community, also known as a lifestyle community.

Here are four reasons a retirement community gives you more.

1. More space

Whereas a retirement village typically consists of units which are tightly packed and don't have yard space, retirement communities are typically made up of independent houses built on parkland. With a full house and garden, residents not only have more space and privacy to do what they want, but they can also retain a more independent lifestyle.

More space also means that you can move into a retirement community with a partner, spouse and even a pet.

2. More freedom and independence

In a retirement village, units or rooms are rented, meaning that the residents are less independent. However, in a retirement or lifestyle community, you can still own your own house outright. Residents in a community typically pay a fee towards the landowners or body corporate, which goes towards use and the upkeep of communal areas, gardens and facilities.

The ability to live in their own home means that residents are independent, not dependent on anyone else for assistance.

3. More of a say in how things are run

In a lifestyle or retirement community, the emphasis is on community. All residents have a say in how the place is run, rather than the owners or staff. A democratic lifestyle like this is another reason retirement communities have more to offer for over 55s.

In a staff-run facility like a retirement village, staff manage day-to-day activities and residents may feel micromanaged. Whereas in a community, it is the residents who get to decide which activities get run, and what they get to do with their time.

4. Make more friends

Moving into a retirement community can be a huge change. It often means moving away from familiar neighbourhoods, friends and even family. But getting older can also be the opportunity for a new start and a chance to make a whole new set of friends later in life. Because retirement communities focus on both democracy and independence, you can choose to socialise with other residences as much as you like, whilst also maintaining your own privacy. In a retirement village, on the other hand, your time is more scheduled and residents may feel more isolated. A community can be a better choice. 

No matter which decision you make, it is important to be informed. Retirement communities can give you more freedom, independence and can be an upgrade in lifestyle.

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