How a Podiatrist Can Help Somebody Suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy

12 December 2019
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Diabetes is a growing problem in most developed nations and is often brought about by poor lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, it can be a progressive disease that has many complications and one of these may be an untreatable condition known as peripheral neuropathy. If you begin to develop this type of problem what do you need to know and how can a podiatrist, in particular, help you to deal with the situation?
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Types of Hearing Tests

23 October 2019
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Many people go for regular GP check-ups for their general wellbeing; however, they fail to obtain regular hearing checks to ensure their hearing is in functioning order. It is important to regularly obtain hearing checks even if you do feel that you can hear well. Here are some signs of hearing problems you can look out for: ears that feel as though they are ringing talking louder than normal in conversations straining to hear difficulty hearing when there is a lot of background noise watching TV or listening to the radio at high volumes What happens during a hearing test?
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Four Reasons a Retirement Community Gives You More Than a Retirement Village

28 May 2019
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You may believe that retirement means giving up freedom and control regarding your living arrangements. Or you may think that all retirement villages and communities are the same. But there can be some key differences between a retirement village and the more freedom-orientated nature of a retirement community, also known as a lifestyle community. Here are four reasons a retirement community gives you more. 1. More space Whereas a retirement village typically consists of units which are tightly packed and don't have yard space, retirement communities are typically made up of independent houses built on parkland.
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How to Manage Chronic Illness

2 April 2019
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People living with chronic illnesses are faced with a myriad of challenges that may prevent them from fully enjoying their lives. In this extract, you will learn a few chronic disease management tips. Learn about your disease.  Conduct research about the causes, symptoms and management of your disease. Most chronic diseases develop gradually; hence, you should be in a position to predict the progress of your condition. Your GP can be an essential source of information.
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Important Things to Note About Back Pain

11 February 2019
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Many individuals frequently diagnose their back pain basing it on experience. They end up treating it with over-the-counter medicine and rest. In most scenarios, back pains treated in this manner eventually heal or the sufferer gets relief. You should, however, know when to seek professional help. If you have severe and persistent back pain, fever, pain progressively moving from your back to legs, the presence of lumps or a lump, numbness, pain that does not subside or even pain that does not let you sleep, seek the services of a competent chiropractor.
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